• Construction Site of the Future

    Save money and reduce CO2 emissions by hybridizing existing diesel generators.


  • Parallel Platform Technology

    By summing up the output of the generator and the power box, you can flexibly expand your construction site without resorting to larger generators or on the flipside, you can downsize your diesel genrators when running these smaller gensets in conjunction with a xelectrix Power XPB unit.


  • Plug & Play

    An energy storage device designed for use under tough conditions, with various plug in and- out configurations for ease of set up and operation.


What the Power Box can do for you

Here you can find out everything about the advantages and possibilities that result from the combination of xelectrix Power Box energy storage systems with 3-phase, frequency stable diesel generators. Whether you are a company, an institution or an individual, we offer you innovative and sustainable solutions that fit your individual needs.

Since the diesel generator is relieved by the energy storage and has to be in operation less often, the hybridization has several advantages:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved power reliability
  • Increased life span due to reduced run hours
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Overall reduction of operation costs

Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Reduction of fuel and emissions

The hybridization of the diesel generator with an xelectrix energy storage makes it possible to optimize generator operation by making it run in a more efficient power load band. This leads to more efficient combustion of diesel fuel and thus a reduction in CO2 / NOX emissions, as well as, burning less less diesel to produce one kWh of power . The excess energy being produced by the diesel generator is not going to wast – it is used to charge the batteries of the XPB unit, and when these batteries are full, the diesel generator is automatically switched off. The energy storage also serves as a buffer to absorbs peak loads and thus further reduce emissions.


Reduced noise, increased security of supply

The operation of diesel generators can be very noisy and cause noise pollution. It is well known that noise levels above 70 decibels can cause hearing damage and noise levels from diesel generators can often be much higher than 70 decibels. Hybridization with the Power Box can help to reduce or completely avoid the operation of the generator if the energy storage is sufficiently charged. Within a city, this protects the residents.

The hybridization of the diesel generator with an energy storage unit increases the reliability of the power supply system. The energy storage can serve as a buffer to cushion peak loads and avoid failures of the diesel generator.

Fast reaction time

Response time is an important factor in power delivery, especially when powering critical applications such as hospitals or data centers. While diesel generators are an established technology, energy storage has become an attractive alternative in recent years. One of the key differences between these two technologies is their response time to changing loads.

In general, it takes a few seconds for a diesel generator to run stably after a load change. In comparison, our Power Box can react to changes in the load in a few milliseconds and adjust the power accordingly.


The Peak Power Boost is used when the generator does not supply enough electricity for the consumers required. For example, when a tower crane is to be put into operation on a construction site for a short time.

The Power Box can sum up all volatile power sources with the stored energy to cover the higher power required (example: ~ 35 kW diesel generator + 35 kW Power Box inverter power = 70 kW output).

Plug & Play

The Power Box is equipped with a large number of standardized interfaces, which can also be adapted to customer requirements. Our Unlimited M10 and the M20 is particularly advantageous for construction sites as they can be installed quickly and easily.

Construction Machinery Rental

The xelectrix energy storage devices are maintenance-free, which makes them attractive for construction machinery rentals. Apart from that, a smaller diesel generator can be rented with the Peak Power Boost function, since the generator does not necessarily have to be designed for the highest expected load.

By offering hybridized diesel generators, construction machinery rental can open up a new business area and appeal to customers who are interested in more environmentally friendly and efficient solutions.

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