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What the Power Box can do for you

As a grid operator or involved in any In-Front-Of-The-Meter activities, then energy security and trading is of interest to you. Balancing the grid in these times are critical (especially with the influx of massive amounts of Renewable Energy supply at irregular times) both from a voltage and frequency standpoint. Our LiFePO4 storage can also be controlled via a virtual power plant to optimize energy trading, stabilization and facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the grid. The result? A stable, reliable power supply based on renewable energy.



Energy storage plays an important role in the integration of renewable energy into the power grid, as it helps smooth out the fluctuations in electricity production from renewable sources such as solar and wind power. The Power Box can quickly respond to fluctuations in power generation, feeding power into or out of the grid as needed.

The most important applications are:

  •  Smoothing out fluctuations
  •  Frequency Control
  •  Voltage Regulation


Energy trading with a power box usually takes place via a virtual power plant. A virtual power plant is a combination of decentralized power generation and storage systems that are connected to one another via a central control system. This allows them to be operated and controlled as a single, large power plant.

In the case of electrical energy storage, it can buy and sell electricity via a virtual power plant. Energy storage can absorb excess electricity from the grid when demand is low and prices are cheap. When demand is high and prices are high, the energy storage system can feed the stored electricity into the grid and benefit from it.


Response time is an important factor in power delivery, especially when powering critical applications such as hospitals or data centers. While diesel generators are an established technology, energy storage has become an attractive alternative in recent years. One of the key differences between these two technologies is their response time to changing loads.

In general, it takes a few minutes for a diesel generator to run stably after a load change. In comparison, our Power Box can react to changes in the load in a few milliseconds and adjust the power accordingly.


A black start is the restart of a power supply system after a complete power failure, in which the system can no longer draw energy from the utility grid. One possible application of our energy storage is in hydropower.

Our energy storage systems can be used instead of a diesel generator, storing excess energy from a power plant and calling it up when needed to ensure a black start. The Power Box can also help stabilize the power supply to surrounding consumers and enable more efficient use of electric power.

Selected Reference Projects

  • Grid stabilization in Windhaag, Upper Austria

    Thanks to the ability to stabilize the grid, a secure power supply can now be guaranteed in the rural idyll.

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