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Bachelor Thesis

"Predictive evaluation of battery modules based on ongoing LiFePO4 single cell data"

xelectrix storage systems consist of battery packs, which in turn consist of many individual cells. These individual cells are monitored by our in-house developed aBMS (active battery management system). The status data provide indications of the current status of the cell over a period of time. If you compare this cell condition to other cells in the battery pack, you get status information that goes well beyond the information quality of a single item of status information. The cell data is available both historically and continuously in a structured manner and the evaluation system should automatically provide information about the status of the packet and make statements on various issues.

Research Questions

  • Which cells in a battery pack have above-average performance?
  • What is the temperature distribution in the battery pack in different scenarios?
  • How much would replacing individual cells or a cell pack change the capacity of the entire battery pack?

Key Data

Pem-Str. 2, 4310 Mauthausen, Austria

Dr. Thomas Huemer

Working student contract, 20h / week,
1,038.96 euros gross / month

Your Qualification

  • Studies with a focus on software development
  • ideally knowledge of "LAMP" = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Interest in data analysis and statistics

Further Aim of the Work

  • Analysis of the available data and determination of how it can be used to answer the research questions.
  • Development of a server program (website) with which the data can be evaluated and visualized manually.
  • Development of a server program with which the data can be continuously evaluated and, if necessary, automatic reports can be generated.

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Bachelor Thesis - Software Engineering / Data Processing