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BASIC Split HA secures energy supply for Vacation Home in Sweden

Basic Splitt HA, Tillquist
Basic Splitt HA
Optimization of renewable energies

In the picturesque Swedish countryside lies a vacation home powered by a large photovoltaic system, primarily used to cover the house's basic energy needs. To optimize solar energy utilization, reduce peak consumption, and serve as a backup system during power outages, our partner Tillquist chose to install our 'BASIC Split HA' energy storage solution. With a capacity of 100 kWh and a power output of 35 kW, this energy storage system offers diverse possibilities.

Thanks to the BASIC Split HA energy storage system, the owner achieves nearly complete self-sufficiency during the summer months, ensuring their vacation home always has a reliable power supply. The system's versatile applications leave room for future developments. There is even the potential to integrate the energy storage system into Sweden's specialized markets for grid services, as this could prove to be highly profitable.

The installation of the BASIC Split HA energy storage system in Sweden serves as an inspiring example of how renewable energy and advanced energy storage technologies can collaborate to promote energy independence and ensure grid reliability.

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