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Power Box for grid stabilization in operation!

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In a joint research project with Linz Netz GmbH, a grid-friendly battery storage with 140 kWh storage capacity and 80 kW power has been put into operation in the Prendt test region (Windhaag near Freistadt region).

The research project focuses on grid stabilization. The energy storage XPB-B80-140 compensates, among other things, fluctuating grids in hight photovoltaic areas. During peak PV periods, the storage relieves the load on the power grid in order to support it with the stored energy if necessary. This way, extremes of the mains voltage are balanced.

Battery storage and renewable energy sources are an effective combination

The generation of energy from renewable energy sources  in combination with fluctuating consumtion, eg. quick charging stations for e-mobility, lead to imbalances in the power grid. The xelectrix Power Box XPB-B80-140 battery storage provides the necessary grid stabilization and thus prevents possible grid expansion costs. If many PV systems feed into the grid, the voltage is increased. The xelectrix Power Box then absorbs energy from the grid and lowers the voltage.

On the other hand, the storage system feeds in energy (discharging) when voltage is reduced by the sometimes erratic consumers (usually in the morning and evening hours). The research project is also investigating which voltage reserves can be achieved for the integration of other PV systems.

"With the use of our xelectrix Power Boxes, which are useful for the grid, we enable the energy transition because it enables photovoltaic systems in almost all areas," says Dr. Thomas Huemer, Business Development Manager at xelectrix Power GmbH.

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