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Peak Shaving of a Biogas Plant

Lastspitzen kappen
[Translate to EN:] Photovoltaik
[Translate to EN:] Energiespeicher Gewerbe
[Translate to EN:] Energiespeicher Gewerbe

In Engerwitzdorf - Austria, a biogas plant was equipped with an Unlimited M10 in order to optimize the self-consumption of the entire plant. The Unlimited M10 has an output of 80 kW and a storage capacity of 80 kWh and was combined with the company's existing 101 kWp photovoltaic system.

The xelectrix Power Unlimited is used for Peak Shaving - this means that biogas production can be carried out more cost-effectively. The biogas plant has been in operation since 2010 and has a biomethane feed of 125 Nm³ / h. Maize, whole grain crops, grass silage, millet, cattle and pig manure are used as substrates.

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