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Storage for EV charging

Unlimited M10, Reichinger
Energy storage for agriculture
E-mobility in agriculture

In Katsdorf/Upper Austria, the innovative farmer Christian Reichinger produces clean electricity with a 140 kWp solar system on several roofs! The solar power is then stored in an Unlimited M10 with an output of 80 kW and a storage capacity of 100 kWh. This enables him to also use the solar power at night and thus reduces his purchase from the grid. The farmer is also protected against a power failure thanks to the backup function of the storage system.

In addition, the farmer is making a hypercharger DC fast charging station publicly available, which supplies electric vehicles with the power of the sun. With a charging capacity of 150 kW and 3 charging points, you can now refuel in an environmentally friendly way. If three EVs are connected to the charging station at the same time, the xelectrix Power storage system uses peak shaving to prevent the farmer from exceeding his permissible output at the grid transfer point.

The complete control and management of the individual components was provided by an external energy management system from Lynus AG, according to the motto "Optimize energy consumption and performance through machine learning". The entire project was implemented by our partner bms best modification systems GmbH.

bms - best modification systems GmbH
Lynus AG

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