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xelectrix Energy Storage System in Agriculture

Energiespeicher für Landwirtschaft, Energerwitzdorf
Unlimited M10, farm peak shaving
Gstoetten, dairy
Unlimited M10, bms

In Energerwitzdorf - Austria, a farmer is now relying on renewable energies! In the company that has been in the family for generations, an XP Unlimited M10 with 80 kW output and 100 kWh storage capacity in combination with a 140 kWp solar system was installed. On 100 hectares of arable land and 13 hectares of meadow, cattle fattening with around 200 animals is carried out.

The owner can now look forward to reduced energy costs through the optimal use of solar energy, as well as the emergency power capability and peak shaving. In agriculture, peak shaving is particularly attractive: farmers often have heavy peak loads instead of a constant base load. As an example, a dairy can be cited where the animals are milked twice a day. Shaun Montgomery can explain what peak shaving is:

Peak Shaving xplained

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