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  • Construction Site of the Future

    Zero Emission. Zero Noise. Zero Fuel.

  • Peak Shaving of a Biogas Plant

    Optimization of self-consumtion and reduction of biogas production costs.

  • Unlimited in Mettmach

    Optimization of Photovoltaics

  • Grid Stabilization in Windhaag near Freistadt

    Safe power supply through the BASIC


    UNLIMITED in Pogusch

Historias laborales

Vea qué hacen nuestros clientes y vendedores con sus Power Boxes.

Energiespeicher für Landwirtschaft

xelectrix Energy Storage System in Agriculture

The owner can now look forward to reduced energy costs through the optimal use of solar energy, as well as the emergency power capability and peak shaving. In agriculture, peak shaving is particularly attractive:

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Lastspitzen kappen
[Translate to ES:] Photovoltaik
[Translate to ES:] Energiespeicher Gewerbe
[Translate to ES:] Energiespeicher Gewerbe

Peak Shaving of a Biogas Plant

In Engerwitzdorf - Austria, a biogas plant was equipped with an Unlimited M10 in order to optimize the self-consumption of the entire plant. The xelectrix Power Unlimited is used for Peak Shaving.

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Wall, Energiespeicher für Gewerbe
[Translate to ES:] Stromspeicher für Gewerbe
[Translate to ES:] Montage der XPB Wall
[Translate to ES:] Photovoltaik
[Translate to ES:] XPB Wall

Backup and RE Optimization

In Weißkirchen an der Traun a XPB Wall storage system with 35 kW power and 40 kWh storage capacity was installed in a business building to ensure backup and renewable energy optimization.

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Photovoltaik, Haushalt

Self-Consumption Optimization with Photovoltaic

To optimize the self-consumption of a PV system, an XPB Wall with 11 kW output and 20 kWh storage capacity was installed in Linz - Austria.

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Volvo, Construction, Energy Storage
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Off-Grid Charging at Volvo Construction Equipment Event

At a Volvo Construction Equipment Event from September 14th - 18th, 2020 a xelectrix Power Box Basic was used to provide electrical energy! Find out more about the "Construction Site of the Future!"

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xelectrix Partner KA-TE PMO AG sells new Robot Hybrid Systems!

Emission and noise protection are playing an increasingly important role in many areas. The stricter requirements and regulations make it impossible to operate hydraulic systems powered by diesel generators in many places or at night. With the KA-TE hybrid system, the rehabilitation of sewers with the robust and powerful robots is possible even in such situations ...

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UNLIMITED in Mettmach

A new XPB-Unlimited was installed in the sustainable solar & business park in Mettmach, Austria! The trading company of Mr. Gotthalmseder deals with constructive wooden materials, rentable commercial storage areas and the horse breeding of Austrian warmblood. Being close to nature led to the responsible use of energy resources, so he started in 2016 to build a solar park with 800 kWp output - and an energy storage must not be left out! The XPB Unlimited has 250 kW of power and in the final construction 1000 kWh of storage capacity. The pictures show the delivery and commissioning of the energy storage. In the future, two fast charging stations for electric cars will be added on site, which, like the rest of the business park, will be supplied with energy by the power of the sun.

Network supply stabilization in Windhaag, OÖ

Regional imbalances between electricity generation and consumption can be a major burden to the grid. In the northern and rural regions of Upper Austria, a lot of solar power is generated by local farmers and private houses, which puts a strain on existing power lines.

In cooperation with a major energy company in Upper Austria, an xelectrix Power XPB-BASIC has now been put into operation to service areas around Windhaag. During public power demand times positive power is taken from the Power Box, but if there is a surplus, power is stored (negative control energy). The ability of network stabilization using the XPB system ensures  a secure and higher quality power supply.