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xelectrix Partner KA-TE PMO AG sells new Robot Hybrid Systems!

KA-TE Robotersysteme, KA-TE
mobiler Batteriespeicher, Dieselgenerator ersetzen
emotionsfreie Kanalsanierung
emotionsfreie Kanalsanierung
emotionsfreie Kanalsanierung

The KA-TE hybrid system is the connection of the proven KA-TE hydraulic system for sewer rehabilitation with the energy storage system of xelectrix Power GmbH. The new hydraulic unit 2.0 and the xelectrix Power storage system are installed in a Sprinter-Panel-Van with a 20 kWh battery capacity. The storage system is so powerful that it can be used for the most demanding hydraulic applications.

The built-in xelectrix power storage system is almost identical to the commercially available xelectrix Power Boxes. It includes intrinsically safe LiFePO4 storage cells that are controlled by an active battery management system. With up to 8000 charging cycles an extremely long service life can be achieved. In addition to other safety measures, a thermally triggered chemical extinguishing system is built in, so that new standards are set in terms of safety.

xelectrix Storage System ensures emission-free Operation

Emission and noise protection are playing an increasingly important role in many areas. The stricter requirements and regulations make it impossible to operate hydraulic systems powered by diesel generators in many places or at night. With the KA-TE hybrid system, rehabilitation of sewers with robust and powerful robots is possible even in such situations. In pure battery operation mode, you can work emission-free for up to eight hours.

With the new KA-TE hybrid system, we have started the next generation of our robots. In this way, we enable our customers to carry out the necessary sewer renovations with zero emissions, which are no longer permitted with a diesel generator in many places or at night,” says Erick Meyer, R&D Leader, KA-TE PMO AG.

Charging of the batteries takes place via a generator or - better - with green electricity from the adjacent photovoltaic system. With the xelectrix Power storage system, all options are available. The first system has been successfully in use in Germany for several months.

We are faced with the major task of preventing emissions and using green energy, and not just because of climate change. The KA-TE hybrid system shows that our xelectrix Power Boxes enable diesel hybridization to be easier and that emissions and noise protection are also taken into account." Thomas Huemer, Business Development Manager, xelectrix Power GmbH.


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Photo credit: KA-TE PMO AG / xelectrix Power GmbH

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