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Off-Grid Charging at Volvo Construction Equipment Event

Volvo, Energiespeicher für die Bauwirtschaft
Shaun Montgomery, CSO xelectrix
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The construction and building industry contributes around 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions, of which construction machinery accounts for around 11%. The need for an energy transition in this area is unavoidable and needs to become a priority in order to achieve global climate targets. The course for a climate-friendly “construction site of the future” must therefore be set now. With the hybridization of generators and the resulting reduction in emissions, but also maintenance, fuel and logistics costs, a major step towards the energy transition has been made in this segment.

The xelectrix Power Box can hybridize any generator, regardless of size, year of construction and manufacturer, with a simple plug-in solution and, in addition, can also provide the power of the generator plus the power of the battery to consumers.

We thank Volvo Construction Equipment for allowing us to support you with the event! Also watch the video from our Business Development Manager Shaun Montomery:

Video: Construction Site of the Future - Youtube
Link: Volvo Construction Equipment


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