• Remote loacation with no or unreliable power grid?

    Telecommunication, construction, mining, energy communities and microgrids and decentralized power solutions.


What the Power Box can do for you

The Power Box offers advantages in the off-grid area: it can help to stabilize the energy supply in microgrids and reduce the use of diesel generators, both environmentally friendly and more cost-effective. Whether you are constructing a new building in remote locations or transitioning an existing one to off-grid power, energy storage is the perfect solution. By integrating solar or wind energy into your system, you can make your energy supply even more efficient.

Energy storage is the future of off-grid energy supply for the construction industry, energy communities and microgrids. The combination of Photovoltaics (or other renewable energy sources) in combination with storage and a diesel generaror – which is only used as a backup facility – is the way forward for huge regions of the world. If you're interested in learning more about how you can benefit from this groundbreaking technology, contact us today.



Energy storage provides an excellent way to charge electrical construction equipment when there is no grid connection, or the grid is not able to provide the power when a high number of vehicles need charging. This is particularly the case in construction sites or remote areas where electricity is not available or connection is too expensive or impractical.

The Power Box is able to sustain the power needs of telecommunications equipment during power outages or other network disruptions. By using our energy storage, telecom companies can ensure that their networks are operational 24/7 and that consumers can access telecom services at all times.


The construction industry is also faced with the challenge of minimizing emissions (CO2, NOx, noise, etc.). Purely electric construction machines are on the rise - but where do you get the electricity from if there are no electricity pylons far and wide?

Possible situations on site:

  1. The xelectrix energy storage can be hybridized with a diesel generator - you can find out more about this here.
  2. The full storage is large enough to cover the power requirement - without being charged.
  3. In combination with a mobile photovoltaic system, the electricity produced is 100% emission-free.


The Power Box enables the efficient integration of renewable energies such as solar energy and wind power into the microgrid. Because these energy sources produce electricity intermittently, energy storage can absorb excess energy and release it on demand to balance the microgrid's power needs.

As part of a microgrid, our energy storage helps to stabilize the power grid and can provide an independent power supply in the event of mains grid failures. In energy communities, our storage systems enable the efficient use of self-generated electricity from renewable energy sources and thus contribute to a sustainable power supply.


In the off-grid area, i.e. in areas that are not connected to the public power grid, an energy storage device for backup/emergency power is indispensable because it can guarantee a reliable power supply.

This is particularly important as renewable energy sources do not always deliver electricity consistently and their performance is highly dependent on weather conditions. Diesel generators can also fail. With a backup/emergency energy storage system, you can ensure you have power even if your primary energy source fails or isn't producing enough energy.

How many reserves you always want to have available for such a situation can be individually configured by us.


A black start is the restart of a power supply system after a complete power failure, in which the system can no longer draw energy from the utility grid. One possible application of our energy storage is in hydropower.

Our energy storage systems can be used in place of a diesel generator, storing excess energy from the hydroelectric power plant and calling it up when needed to ensure a black start. The Power Box can also help stabilize the power supply to surrounding consumers and enable more efficient use of hydroelectric power.

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