• Mobile power supply

    No power grid? No problem! With mobile power supply from us you are prepared for everything!


  • Charging Infrastructure

    The Power Box can be used for any charging station. An expansion of the charging infrastructure is not absolutely necessary!

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  • Peak Shaving

    Save money by covering peak loads from the power box instead of the grid connection!


What the Power Box can do for you

Driving an Electric Vehicle (EV) and looking for a reliable and efficient way to charge it? We offer a powerful and environmentally friendly power supply for EVs through our Power Box. Our energy storage is the perfect solution for the charging infrastructure in the e-mobility sector!

However, by "Mobile Power" we also understand the mobile energy supply when there is no grid available. Are you planning a green event and want to ensure that your power supply is sustainable and environmentally friendly? Then our mobile energy storage devices are the perfect solution!



There is no doubt that politicians and grid operators are required to deal with this in the long term. But until then, the Power Box can be used as a buffer storage.

Let's assume: your grid connection can supply you with 32 A / 20 kW. However, to charge 4 EVs you need 44 kW (max. 11 kW per EV). You can get the additional power you need from the Power Box – this function is called Peak Power Boost. Our energy storage adds up its performance to that of other volatile energy sources. With a battery of 140 kWh, you have 6 hours of charging time available.

Whether you don´t have enough grid power to operate the chargers or you need to reduce the costs of operating your fast-chargers, xelectrix Power have got you covered.


Peak Shaving meets Peak Power Boost! You want to provide several charging stations for your employees and customers, but you have noticed that it can sometimes be quite expensive? With the Power Box, you can cut load peaks that occur primarily when EVs are being charged quickly. You can use electricity from the grid that has been stored at low tariffs (see Load Shifting) or, of course, use energy from renewable sources. The Peak Power Boost function comes into play when you need to quickly charge an EV, but your connection is too tight.



Charging EVs with renewable energy makes much more sense! Renewable energies have the disadvantage that they are not always available when energy is needed. With a Power Box you can store the power from the sun, wind and water and use it when power supply is required. A Power Box means that you no longer have to feed the self-generated electricity into the grid at cheap prices.


In most regions, the amount of the electricity tariff also depends on the time. In many European countries, nighttime electricity can be up to 30-40% cheaper. With load shifting, you can also configure your Power Box so that it is charged at night with electricity from the cheap tariff, which you use at times when the tariff is expensive.

Did we mention that the Power Box pays for itself quickly?


During a disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, or power outage, an energy storage can be used as a backup power supply to keep critical facilities such as hospitals, fire departments, and police stations running. Energy storage can also be deployed in disaster areas to aid in recovery and rescue efforts.

Diesel generators can be hybridized with the Power Box. As explained here, fuel consumption is lower, resulting in a longer and more stable power supply, although it is logistically difficult to bring new fuel to remote or hard-to-reach locations.


The construction industry is also faced with the challenge of minimizing emissions (CO2, NOx, noise, etc.). Purely electric construction machines are on the rise - but where do you get the electricity from if there are no electricity pylons far and wide?

Possible situations on site:

  1. The xelectrix Power energy storage can be hybridized with a diesel generator - you can find out more about
    this here.
  2. The full energy storage is large enough to cover the power requirement - without being charged.
  3. In combination with a mobile photovoltaic system, the electricity produced is 100% emission-free.

Selected Reference Projects

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    MobilePower GmbH provides mobile green electricity for film sets and green events.

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  • EV chargring in Katsdorf, OÖ

    In Katsdorf/Upper Austria, the clever farmer produces clean electricity with a solar system on several roofs and makes DC fast charging stations available to the public.

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  • Mobile robot hybrid system for sewer cleaning!

    KA-TE PMO AG replaces diesel generator for noiseless and emission-free sewer cleaning within the city.

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  • Powering UPS EVs at Expo Dubai 2020 with Sun Power!

    An XPB Unlimited M10 powers the new fleet of UPS electric vehicles at EXPO Dubai 2020!

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