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    Perfect for construction site, mining, telecommunications, On / Off Grid applications, industry, commercial buildings, residential, energy providers, Local Energy Communities, EV Charging and combining with Renewable Energies.


Innovative. Stand alone. Multi-functional high voltage energy storage system for on and off grid applications.

Construction, Mining, Telecommunication

Diesel generators are used to provide power to off Grid consumers. Many applications run DG´s in inefficient load curves or have high start-up peaks. This leads to higher diesel consumption. xelectrix Power has a real solution that sets us apart from all other ESS´s. Using Peak Shaving, the load peaks and troughs are stabilized resulting in a generator that operates in an optimal range, which has both major cost and maintenance advantages. Diesel savings of up to 40% and maintenance cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved. This reduction of fuel consumption is also massively positive for the environment because of reduced emissions (CO2, NOX etc). An added feature is our PARALLEL PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY – this allows the diesel generator and the Power Box to work in parallel, where the Power Box does not limit / bottleneck the capacity of the DG. The Power Box supplements the DG making it possible to use lower KVA rated units. Our Peak Power Boost function allows the Power Box to supply battery power to handle higher load peaks, while our Genset Control function will actually switch DG´s off allowing the Power Box to take of site power supply.

Industry, Business and Housing

Electricity tariffs are often not the same over a 24h period, and often the highest kW peak sets the rate for the entire month. xelectrix Power Boxes provide ways of optimizing your energy consumption and reduce costs. Using Load Shifting and Peak Shaving in combination with our unique Inverter Technology, that includes Reactive Power Compensation and Load Balancing, the overall consumption profile of on- Grid applications can be optimized. Our Parallel Platform Technology also means that PV or Wind supply can be incorporated easily. The Power Box is an independent 3-phase alternative power supply which reduces costs and that can be used as backup or UPS and even to replace sleeping stand-by diesel generators.

Grid Operators

Energy suppliers/energy providers can use energy storages in various applications to achieve more efficient and reliable power supply. The high voltage storage system ensures a stable main grid power supply. In addition to storing excess energy and the ability to discharge this energy back into the grid at full inverter capacity, features such as voltage balancing and the highly dynamic grid frequency regulation, make the xelectrix Power Box the optimal solution for grid operators and the energy balancing market.

The xelectrix energy storage unit can also be used to store and manage the fluctuating electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy to ensure a stable and reliable power supply.

Also, energy suppliers can use xelectrix energy storage to set up micro-grids for rural or remote communities that are not connected to the main power grid.

Overall, power storage offers many benefits to energy suppliers and providers, including improved power delivery, more efficient energy management, and greater customer satisfaction.

Grid Services

Local Energy Communities

In a local energy community, several households and consumers come together, who mostly produce their own energy from PV and wind systems. By sharing the Power Box storage, self-consumption of self-generated energy is optimized, resulting in efficient energy management at the local level. Grid and energy costs can be reduced, and the Power Box also absorbs the risk of the storage community in the event of a grid failure, blackout, or grid disruptions.

By sharing the Power Box storage, self-consumption of self-generated energy is optimized, resulting in efficient energy management at the local level.

An energy community can become more independent from the public power grid and have more control over their energy supply by using a power storage system.


The price of electricity from public charging stations for electric vehicles depends on various factors, such as the location, the operator of the charging station and the tariff. In some cases, electricity from public charging stations can be more expensive than electricity from your own charging station, especially when no special offers or discounts are available.

But if you produce your own electricity, for example with a PV system on the roof and store it in a xelextrix Power Box, you have full control over when and how the electricity is used. Apart from that, the electricity from renewable sources saves emissions, which is not the case with a grid connection (without green electricity). The Power Boxes can easily be set up in multi-storey car parks, petrol stations or next to blocks of flats, regardless of which connection the charging station has.

Another advantage results from the different electricity tariffs of your grid operator. If your electricity tariff is cheaper at night, you can charge the storage, e.g. to connect your electric vehicle to the charging station even if the tariff is more expensive during the day. An xelectrix energy storage also increases your security of supply in the event of a power failure. We can individually set how many kWh of backup power you want to reserve for such a case.

If you operate a site where several electric vehicles are charged simultaneously, this may exceed the limit of your designed grid connection. These peak loads are associated with considerable additional costs. When peak shaving with an energy storage device, the electricity required to charge several electric vehicles at the same time is stored beforehand. During times of high power demand, such as when multiple EVs are being charged at the same time, the stored power is used to meet the power demand. In this way, peak load shaving with an energy storage device can both save costs and help stabilize the power grid.

Reducing charging costs through load shifting, peak shaving and the optimized use of renewable energies is another reason to use our Power Box for the EV revolution.


PV, wind and hydropower are dependent on the weather. With the energy storage from xelectrix, you can easily optimize your electricity consumption because not a single kWh is wasted. It doesn't matter whether it's industrial, private household or business - you decide when you use your electricity. For example, if excess electricity is generated from a photovoltaic system but is not used immediately, this electricity can be fed into the energy storage system. It can then be retrieved from the energy storage later when the sun is not shining or less electricity is being produced.

Solar or wind farms also benefit from the Power Box. You can not only determine the most profitable feed-in time, you are also not limited by technical grid restrictions thanks to an xelectrix energy storage system.

In this way, an energy storage system can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and maximize use of renewable energy by keeping the electricity generated from renewable energy sources available when it is needed. This helps to reduce the cost of energy use and enable a more sustainable energy supply.

On & Off Grid Energy Storage Systems