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What the Power Box can do for you

Are you considering how your company can save money or do you not only want to use electricity from the grid, but also, for the sake of the environment, prefer to use regenerative energy sources? Do you want to protect your business against a power failure? Get in touch with us to find your perfect energy storage system.



Load peaks occur when your company uses a lot of electricity at once. Your grid operator calculates these kW peak values at 15-minute intervals and sets a provision price for long periods of time (depending on country, could be monthly / quarterly / yearly) based on the highest kW peak reached. This means that even if you only have  a few high peak loads per year, your invoiced amounts for demand charges are based on these highest kW peaks, and not on the average kW requirements.

With a power box, you can cover these peak loads with electricity from the storage system instead of using your grid connection. The storage recharges when your business has low power needs, or charges with power from (if available) renewable power sources.

YouTube Video: Shaun Montgomery xplaining Peak Shaving


A sudden power outage can be very costly for a business (loss of income, damage to machinery, personal injury, loss of data, food spoilage...etc.). An emergency power system (EPS) is able to provide electrical energy in the event of a failure of the public power grid. In the event of grid failures or blackouts, an EPS can cover the energy requirements of the connected loads in order to prevent an interruption in the power supply. Power sizing and battery capacity analysis and recommendations are easily done with our xelectrix Power software.

Obviously a Battery Energy Storage units from xelectrix Power is more than backup! Unlike a diesel generator, that basically is a sleeping entity until a power failure happens, the XPB units are doing other features such as peak shaving, load shifting, renewable energy optimization, etc while waiting for a power failure.


The use of renewable energies such as solar and wind energy has increased significantly in recent years. A key reason for this is that renewable energy is greener and more sustainable compared to fossil fuels. However, renewable energy is also unpredictable and intermittent, which can create challenges for the power grid. This is where power storage comes into play. They can help minimize the unpredictability and intermittent behavior of renewable energy. Electricity storage can store energy when it's available and release it when it's needed

Storage means that you no longer have to feed the self-generated electricity into the grid at cheap prices.


If the connection to the grid is lost, existing photovoltaic systems can also switch off because the PV inverter can no longer feed into the grid. In such a case, the Power Box disconnects from the grid and sets up its own network within seconds. In island operation, the PV system works again and electricity can continue to be used. In order to save electricity for emergencies, for example, only prioritized consumers can be supplied. If the blackout / power failure ends, an uninterrupted resynchronization and reconnection to the power grid takes place automatically.

It is also possible for you to manually switch the Power Box to blackout mode if the power supply is announced to be switched off.


Peak Shaving meets Peak Power Boost! Do you want to provide several charging stations for your employees and customers, but have noticed that it can sometimes be quite expensive or you do not have the grid power?

With the Power Box, you can peak shave load peaks that occur primarily when EVs are being charged quickly. You can use electricity from the grid that has been stored at low tariffs (see Load Shifting) or, of course, use energy from renewable sources.

The Peak Power Boost function comes into play when you need to quickly charge an EV, but your connection is too tight.

You can read more about e-mobility here.


The Peak Power Boost is used when the grid connection (or generator) does not supply enough power for the consumers requirements. For example, if the EV fleet needs to be charged all at once, or if a power-intensive consumer is suddenly added.

The Power Box can sum up all volatile power sources with the stored energy to cover the higher power required (example: ~ 20 kW grid connection + 35 kW Power Box inverter power = 55 kW output).


Do you need a short-term energy boost to start a heavy unit? The Power Box is able, without additional generators, to put a greater load on the inverter in order to – in the short term – get a consumer going! Here is a short video:

Youtube: Robert Schmiedleitner xplaines - Starting 125 kW Hydraulics with a 35 kW Energy Storage of xelectrix Power!


In most countries, the amount of the electricity tariff also depends on the day time. In many European countries, nighttime electricity can be up to 30-40% cheaper. With load shifting, you can also configure your Power Box so that it is charged at night with electricity from the cheap tariff, which you use at times when the tariff is expensive.

Did we mention that the Power Box pays for itself quickly?


Zero feed-in means that no energy is fed into the power grid. Here are some advantages:

  •  It is possible for you to install larger PV systems than the technical limitations of your local power grid allows.
  •  You can maximize your own power consumption, which leads to faster amortization of your energy system.
  •  Excess energy is absorbed by the storage and does not destabilize the power grid.

Based on live data from a smart meter or overlaying EMS, the charging and discharging process can be optimized. If the storage is full, the PV inverter can be regulated or switched off if necessary.


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