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    Innovative. Stand alone. In and outdoor multi-functional high voltage storage system for on and off grid applications.

    The Power Box


    Massive cost savings across construction, mining and telecommunication sectors through hybridization!

    Diesel Genset Hybridization     OFF-Grid & Microgrids


    Various grid specific solutions that guarantee supply continuity, power quality and RE integration when using xelectrix Power Boxes.

    Grid Service

  • Industry and Business

    For PV systems, water and wind power.

    ON-Grid & renewable Energies

  • e-Mobility

    Energy Storage Hubs that guarentee power at all E-Vehicle charging stations.

    Mobile Power & E-Mobility

  • Renewable Energies

    For PV systems on your house roof, as well as for PV and wind farms.

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Unique design
and planning software tool

  • For designing Energybusiness Models
  • Upload or generation of generic / real Load and Yield Curves
  • Technical and economical Evaluation: CO2, LCOE, ROI, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Including E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Module

Local Energy Community
Smart Grids
Construction Sites

  • Decentralized Storage and Mircogrids
  • Integrated galvanic isolation (DZn0 transformer) for optimum safety
  • Low impedance in hybrid and island mode
  • Robust grid-forming ability

Construction Machinery Rental

  • Adaptive frequency adjustment
  • Plug & Play Connections
  • Ability to connect to a diesel generator 10 x the storage system power
  • Decreased fuel consumption, greenhouse gas and noise emission

Industry and Business
Real Estate Company
Energy Traiding

  • Network and system protection - provided by XPB Unit
  • NAM (Network Analysis Module) preconfigured with local grid code parameters
  • Backup at full power within 1 sec. of power outage
  • Stable grid symmetry even with highly unbalanced loads

Green Events
Disaster Management
Charging Infrastructure for E-Mobility

  • On-Board AC power combining
  • Up to 690 kWp photovoltaic compatible with a single XPB Unit
  • Standby and power saving mode available
  • Usable for E-Mobility and charging infrastructure
  • On- and off-grid capabilities

Grid Operators
Virtual Power Plant

  • Seamless resynchronization on power recovery
  • Voltage-regulation ability
  • FFR (Fast Frequency Response) ability
    (< 500 ms to full load)
  • Black start capability
  • Energy Trading

Power Box to
suit your application

Independent, portable or permanent High Voltage Energy Storage System (ESS) | Innovation

Hybridization of existing diesel generators resulting in massive reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

Off-Grids & Microgrids

Diesel Genset Hybridization

Reduce grid costs and energy consumption utilizing revolutionary inverter technology.

ON-Grid & renewable Energies

Diesel Genset Hybridization

Grid stabilization, backup, storage and renewable energy (RE) connectability all with one Power Box.

Grid Service

Communities can now store and control renewable energy (RE) efficiently.

Off-Grids & Microgrids

Diesel Genset Hybridization

The future of EV charging without massive infrastructure disruptions.

Mobile Power & E-Mobility

ON-Grid & renewable Energies

Efficient Solar and Wind utilization without technical network restrictions.

ON-Grid & renewable Energies


Current News

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Backup Ukraine, Diesel Generator Hybridization, Genset Hybridisation

 A 48 h measurement from a 15 kVA diesel generator which was hybridized with a xelectrix energy storage system in Ukraine shows 73% less fuel consumption and 84% less operating hours.

xelectrix Vertriebspartner, xelectrix Partner gesucht, xelectrix Händlernetzwerk

In order to meet the increasing demand in the energy storage and energy optimization sector, we are expanding our dealer network in the D-A-CH region.

SS EN 50549-1, Rikta-Rätt, Power Box, Unlimited M10

xelectrix Power Boxes are officially listed on Sweden’s Rikta Rätt list! Thanks to our partner Tillquist Group AB for supporting us on the way! 

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