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The Power Box

The xelectrix energy storage system is built tough and designed to be both modular and compact, perfectly suited for both portable and permanent applications. The unit´s battery storage capacities can be expanded to suit customer requirements. All models share the same technology and features! Simply select a Power Box that matches your specifications and with our Plug & Play system, the unit is quickly set up with no or minimal infrastructure changes.


Power: 11 kW or 35 kW
Storage Capacity:
40-60 kWh

Coming soon: PRO

Power: 35 kW
Storage Capacity:
60-120 kWh


Power: 35 kW or 80 kW
Storage Capacity:
60-240 kWh


Power: 35, 80, 150 kW
Storage Capacity:
120 - 240 kWh