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Congratulations to the Winners of the Green Energy Solution Awards!

Green Energy Solution Award
[Translate to EN:] Green Energy Solution Award
[Translate to EN:] Green Energy Solution Award
[Translate to EN:] Green Energy Solution Award
[Translate to EN:] Green Energy Solution Award
[Translate to EN:] Green Energy Solution Award

We sincerely congratulate the winners of the Green Energy Solution Awards, who have developed impressive blackout concepts for communities during the project week from November 7th to 14th, 2023. These innovative ideas are a significant step toward sustainable energy supply and environmental protection.

The project week, which took place for the second time, enabled 43 students from the Higher Technical Federal College Graz-Gösting (HTL BULME), students from the Bachelor's degree program in "Energy, Mobility, and Environmental Management" at FH JOANNEUM and students from TU Graz to develop innovative blackout concepts for communities.

The aspiring energy experts were tasked with working out the details of the blackout strategy. This included ensuring a secure energy supply from renewable sources and addressing essential aspects of daily life such as food and water supply, as well as involving the community.

A panel of experts, consisting of Thomas Huemer (xelectrix Power GmbH), Eva Kröpfl (Civil Protection, Office of the Styrian Regional Government), and Uwe Trattnig (Academic Director of FH JOANNEUM, Head of Institute and Study Program Director for Energy, Mobility, and Environmental Management), evaluated the results.


The winners of the Green Energy Solution Awards are:

1st Place - Team Deutschfeistritz: Thomas Sarcletti, Timo Slupetzky, Jonas Schröttner, Jonathan Spiehs, and Emin Cosic

2nd  Place - Team Gratwein/Straßengel: Jonas Bergmann, Julia Bozic, Marko Bulic, Fabrizio Sorian, Lea Wider

3rd Place - Team Übelbach: Marvin Arthofer, Igor Lastro, Philipp Milleder, Daniel Zlatunic


We are proud to be part of this inspiring project and extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners.

The project week is part of the funded educational initiatives Green Tech Academy Austria (GRETA) and the Erasmus+ project GREENOVET - European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation. It lays the foundation for future collaboration in teaching and research and contributes to inspiring young people about the topic of "Renewable Energy Supply."

We are committed to continuing to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future and look forward to upcoming challenges and collaborations.

©️Fotos: Hannah Wasserfaller

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