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Project IGF Alzheimer Center Třebíč

IGF Alzheimer Center Třebíč
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Photomate Energy CEO Michal Kalousek signed an important memorandum of close cooperation with INVEST GATE a.s., the founder of the INVEST GATE Funds SICAV a.s., a fund of qualified investors, which aims to enable private investors to enter projects that have a significant social dimension.

Such projects include the IGF Alzheimer's Center Třebíč, where Photomate Energy prepared an analysis of electricity consumption with a focus on the possibility of using photovoltaic energy production (PV) with the addition of a large-capacity battery storage.

In the first stage of the project, the xelectrix XPB-B35-40 battery storage will be installed. It is a battery storage with the capacity of 40 kWh. This battery storage will also contribute to savings on electricity payments. Another option for using the xelectrix XPB-B35-40 battery storage can be the emergency power supply of selected appliances in the case of a power failure in the distribution grid, for example during natural disasters.

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