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Backup and RE Optimization

Wall, Energiespeicher für Gewerbe
Commercial power storage
Installation of the XPB Wall, WALL
Photovoltaics, WALL storage
XPB Wall

In Weißkirchen an der Traun, a company was equipped with a 100 kWp solar system and an XPB Wall storage system with 35 kW power and 40 kWh storage capacity from xelectrix! An electrical energy storage (EES) can store solar energy when it is not needed and releases it when the consumption rises.

In this project, the customer opted for an xelectrix energy storage device because the Power Box is also capable of backup power. During a power failure, it can happen that a PV system stops working because the PV inverter can no longer feed into the grid. Our Power Box, however, interrupts the connection to the power grid - sets up its own grid in island operation and thus secures the supply. If the storage system is fully charged, there is no consumption during a blackout and the PV system continues to produce electricity - the Power Box can also reduce the power PV system.

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