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Energy self-sufficient dairy farm: Sustainability and efficiency through the use of energy storage

Landwirtschaft im Inselbetrieb
Unlimited M40
Brandmoa Milch GmbH
Brandmoa Milch GmbH

The use of renewable energy and the implementation of energy storage systems are becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. The example of the Detzlhofer family's dairy farm illustrates how an xelectrix energy storage system can be employed in agriculture to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enable sustainable operations.

The agricultural enterprise, Brandmoa Milch GmbH, operated by the Detzlhofer family in the border region between Upper Austria and Bavaria, began transitioning the entire operation to new technologies several years ago. This change allowed them to regain more freedom for the family and improve their quality of life.

Among the various technological upgrades, ENERGY was a crucial aspect of the optimization process. Since January 2023, the xelectrix energy storage system, UNLIMITED XPB-U500-480-M40, has ensured that the entire dairy farm operates entirely in an isolated or off-grid manner. The average daily energy consumption is 500 kWh, with an average power of 40 kW. The entire system typically operates without relying on the grid connection. The energy storage system was installed by our partner bms best modification systems GmbH.

Dairy farms, especially, have high energy demands due to cooling, feeding, milking systems, washing processes, and other activities that require a significant amount of energy. To meet the energy requirements of approximately 250 dairy cows and around 200 young animals, a large photovoltaic system with a capacity of 650 kWp was installed.

The adoption of these innovative technologies and the utilization of sustainable energy sources allow the Detzlhofer family to work efficiently while also making a contribution to reducing their ecological footprint. Brandmoa Milch sets a positive example for the agriculture of tomorrow and demonstrates how well-implemented modern solutions can lead to an improved quality of life for both animals and humans.

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