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Green and Mobile Power Supply for Film Sets

Ecobaze, Unlimited M10
Ecobaze, M10 Unlimited
Ecobaze, Unlimited M10
Mobile power
green mobile electricity
Unlimited M10
Ecobaze, Unlimited

Another application! As one of Europe's most innovative set service providers, Mobilespace GmbH, located in Germany, wanted a xelectrix Unlimited M10 with 160 kWh battery capacity and 80 kW power mounted on a truck to supply bigger film productions with green energy.

Close collaboration has led to the design and production of a mobile battery power plant called Ecobaze. The storage can be charged with energy from a photovoltaic system and thus supplies electricity for larger film sets that does not come from fossil sources. It can also be charged from the grid or will automatically start the truck mounted generator.

The efficient way of providing electricity ensures a significant reduction in generator runtimes, fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The great thing about it: Wherever there is a three-phase socket, it can be used to recharge the battery without using the generator and in two hours the whole system is fully charged.

Another application could be “green events” - festivals and concerts! All with a wide variety of power output options to suit customer's needs.

Link: Mobilespace GmbH / Ecobaze

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