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BASIC SPLIT sichert IGF Alzheimer-Zentrum in TŘEBÍČ, Tschechien gegen Stromausfälle ab

Basic Split

Two years ago, Michal Kalousek, CEO of Photomate Energy s.r.o., signed a memorandum of cooperation with INVEST GATE Funds SICAV a.s., allowing private investors to participate in projects with significant social impact. One of these projects was the IGF Alzheimer's Center in Třebíč, a place that provides care for individuals with special needs, including Parkinson's patients. Photomate Energy conducted a thorough analysis of electricity consumption, with a focus on the potential of using photovoltaic energy generation (PV) in combination with a powerful battery storage system.

In the initial project phase, a 35 kW power and 40 kWh storage system, the XPB Basic Split from xelectrix Power, was successfully installed. This innovative energy storage system not only reduces electricity costs and optimizes the efficient use of solar energy but also provides reliable backup power.

The short video provides a glimpse into the deployment of the battery storage system at the IGF Alzheimer's Center. In it, we emphasize the blackout protection and the crucial role our technology plays in ensuring the safety and comfort of the residents.

The partnership between xelectrix Power and Photomate Energy s.r.o. has contributed to protecting the IGF Alzheimer's Center from power outages and thus improving the quality of life for its residents. We are proud to have made a contribution to the safety and stability of this important social project and look forward to further collaborative projects.

Short video in English (YouTube):

Full video in Czech (YouTube):

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