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  • Discover new Energy

    Innovative. Stand alone. In and outdoor multi-functional high voltage storage system for on and off grid applications.

    The Power Box


    Massive cost savings across construction, mining and telecommunication sectors through hybridization!

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    Various grid specific solutions that guarantee supply continuity, power quality and RE integration when using xelectrix Power Boxes.

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  • Industry and Business

    Reduction of grid connection and power consumption costs through Peak Shaving, Load Shiting and other revolutionary features that only the xelectrix Power Boxes provide.

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  • e-Mobility

    Energy Storage Hubs that guarentee power at all E-Vehicle charging stations.

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  • Renewable Energies

    For PV systems on your house roof, as well as for PV and wind farms.

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Power Box to
suit your application

Independent, portable or permanent High Voltage Energy Storage System (ESS) | Innovation

Hybridization of existing diesel generators resulting in massive reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

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Reduce grid costs and energy consumption utilizing revolutionary inverter technology.

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Grid stabilization, backup, storage and renewable energy (RE) connectability all with one Power Box.

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Communities can now store and control renewable energy (RE) efficiently.

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The future of EV charging without massive infrastructure disruptions.

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Efficient Solar and Wind utilization without technical network restrictions.

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Company presentation of xelectrix Power

Current News

Read about our latest and upcoming events.

Unlimited M10

In Katsdorf/Upper Austria, an innovative farmer produces clean electricity with a solar system on several roofs and is making a Hypercharger DC fast charging station publicly available. Read
more ...

Fuel cells (Proton Motors) and Energy Storage System (xelectrix)

Together with Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, a German expert for emission-free hydrogen fuel cells, the Austrian company xelectrix Power GmbH developed a revolutionary complete system that combines fuel cell and battery storage technologies. Read more ...

Unlimited, Sun power, Photovoltaik

In the next 6 months, an XPB Unlimited M10 will charge the new fleet of UPS electric vehicles at the world exhibition EXPO Dubai 2020 exclusively with the energy of the sun! Read more ...

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